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Tooth Color Restorations

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Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka located in the southern part of India. Bangalore is famous for its lush greenery and favorable climate condition. Highgate dental center is located in Bilekahalli BTM 4th stage neighboring the state Highway Bannerghatta Main Road. Highgate provides all kinds of dental services with world class amenities. The dentists are highly qualified skillful professionals. Cavity filling/restorations are done in carious tooth when the infection is limited to top layers of the tooth like enamel and dentine. All the cavity fillings at Highgate is done with Natural tooth colored resin modifies materials. These materials release fluoride which prevent further decay of the tooth structure. The cavity restoration done such that the tooth natural form and function are restored. At Highgate we believe in preventative dentistry as well as follow minimal invasive techniques.

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Call on 080 4151 2833

Have Questions? Call on 080 4151 2833

Dr. Shilpy Choudhary

Sr. Dental Consultant

Dr. Priyanka Mehta

MDS - Endodontist
RCT Specialist

Dr. Sherin Ansari

Sr. Dental Consultant
Practice Head

Dr. Pruthwin Gowda

MDS - Orthodontist
Aligner Specialist

Dr. Sreekanth Sappidi

MDS - Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeon
Implant Specialist

Dr. K Naveen

MDS - Prosthodontist