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Best Dentist for painless root canal treatment near me


Painless Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatment


The RCT is performed under highly advanced specialized instrument and machinery. The expertise of the Dentists combined with the advanced technology makes the procedure quick and very successful.

On most of the occasion, RCT is completed in a single visit unless contra indicated by the Dentist.

Stage 1 – Determination:

Initially a small portion of tooth surface is noticeable as white/brown spot on the enamel. If tooth decay is diagnosed at this stage, it is possible to remineralise and reverse any damage done.

Stage 2 – Enamel Erosion:

If treatment is not done, bacteria will continue to eat away the enamel of the teeth, eroding the dentine layer resulting in tooth sensitivity. Treatment can be effective at this stage, usually in the form of tooth colored filling, inlay, overlay or crown.

Stage 3 – Dentin Erosion:

Dentine is not as strong as Enamel to decay, once the bacteria reaches, dentine decay quickens. At this point it can still be possible with filling, inlay/onlay/crown

Stage 4 – Dental Pulp infection:

Eventually the decay reaches the pulp chamber which contains nerve rich substance. Pulp becomes infected and inflamed. It must be surgically removed to save it. The root canal treatment is performed, and the tooth is sealed and protected from further damage through the placement of crown.

Stage 5 – Abscess formation:

The final stage of tooth decay, abscess formation, occurs if root canal treatment is not performed at correct time and before it is too late, giving the infection an opportunity to spread to the tip of the tooth root. From there, it can easily move to the jawbone, the gums, and even adjacent teeth while an abscess will form at the base of the tooth. At this point, there is still a chance that the tooth can be salvaged through root canal treatment. However, tooth extraction presents itself for the first time as a genuine possibility. If left untreated, the tooth will eventually die.

Cost of Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

The cost of Root Canal Treatment ranges from ₹3000 to ₹6500.
The cost depends whether it is for a kid, adult or a re-root canal and also the complexity involved.

Have Questions?
Call on 080 4151 2833

Have Questions? Call on 080 4151 2833

Dr. Shilpy Choudhary

Sr. Dental Consultant

Dr. Priyanka Mehta

MDS - Endodontist
RCT Specialist

Dr. Sherin Ansari

Sr. Dental Surgeon
Resident Consultant

Dr. Pruthwin Gowda

MDS - Orthodontist
Aligner Specialist

Dr. Sreekanth Sappidi

MDS - Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeon
Implant Specialist

Dr. K Naveen

MDS - Prosthodontist