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Braces and Retainers

Braces and Retainers


Orthodontic Braces have become very popular among young adults because now they are tooth colored which is almost invisible. The braces are required for straightening of teeth as well as improving the regular function and health of the teeth. These treatments take six months to two years depending on the alignment of teeth of the patient.

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Brace Yourself

Visiting your Orthodontist is like a relationship. Any treatment related to Braces or Aligners is a long term process which can range anywhere from 6 to 18 months. When you look for Best Dentist Near You or a Best Orthodontist Near You, you must keep in mind if they are actually available in the nearby Dental Clinic as an in-house/full time specialist.

At Highgate Dental Centre, our Alignment specialist Orthodontist is a full time resident doctor who is available for any emergencies and give immediate appointments for regular and scheduled check-ups.

When you get braces, aesthetic braces which are tooth coloured or Clear/Transparent Aligners, the duration of the overall treatment is long and you would need to see your Dentist every month. In the process, there are chances you may damage the wires or ceramic if not handled properly, in such events, you should be able to contact your specialist conveniently with long waiting appointments. We ensure that our Dentists are easily approachable by our patients and they can contact them to clear their doubts without any hesitation.

Advantages of a Resident Orthodontist:

  • Easily approachable at all times
  • No waiting time and quick appointments
  • Complete hand holding for the entire course of treatment
  • Education and guidance on Oral Hygiene, Treatment plan and maintenance of the Braces
  • Quick to respond
  • Available for Emergency Services

Who needs Braces or Aligners?

  • Crossbite
  • Over bite
  • Overly crowded teeth
  • Open bite
  • Spacing between tooth


When one or more of your upper teeth Bites the inside of your lower teeth and when you bite and does not come teeth on teeth, this condition is called a Crossbite.

This can be fixed with the help of braces and alignment treatment. The beat results can be achieved if the treatment starts in the correct age of any person


The condition in which when you bite, your upper teeth does to touch your lower teeth at all and protrude over your lower front teeth. This condition is called an Overbite

Teeth Crowding

Teeth Crowding:

In a condition when there is lack of space between teeth, they erupt unevenly.

Teeth crowding also happens due to early or late loss of primary teeth. It can also happen when teeth are larger and the space available in the jaw is small

Open Bite:

There should be some overlap between front teeth and the front lower teeth. Open Bite is a condition when the front teeth do not overlap with the lower teeth at all. The common reasons for this are habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or due to improper development of jaws

Spacing between tooth

Spacing between tooth:

Spacing occurs between teeth due to oral habits like thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, finger/thumb sucking and missing or smaller teeth.

Spacing occurs when there is a missing teeth or unwanted gaps.

Common Types of Braces and their Costs:

  • Traditional Stainless Steel Braces:
    These are the most commonly used braces made of stainless steel. They are robust, strong and requires less maintenance comparatively.
    SS Braces are economical and the Cost of treatment starts from only ₹25,000 and can be paid on easy monthly instalments
  • Aesthetic Braces:
    Aesthetic Braces are very popular because it blends with your teeth and does not make the patients conscious about their looks and personality.
    There are many options to choose from depending on your preferences and budget.

Some Common Aesthetic Braces are:

  • Tooth Coloured Ceramic Braces with Stainless Steel wire – Cost ₹60,000
    • These are white coloured brackets with metallic wires running along it. It is easy to manage and maintain as there are less chances of chipping or biting the wires during chewing and hard bites
  • Tooth Coloured Ceramic Braces with tooth coloured wires – Cost ₹65,000
    • Ceramic Braces have brackets made of ceramic and porcelain. The Brackets usually blend with your teeth almost giving it an invisible appearance. They are best for the people who feel conscious of wires during public appearance, job interviews or just smiling. These ceramic braces have clear wires making these braces even less visible
  • Invisible Braces or Clear Aligners – Cost starts from ₹90,000/-
    • Invisible Braces or commonly known as Clear Aligners is an innovative technique in the field of Teeth Straightening or Teeth Alignment without the use of wires and Brackets. These are a set of Aligners which are transparent and can be placed on teeth for giving it the rights shape and structure.
    • These are series of custom made removable aligners which is given to a patient to wear and is adjusted/replaced every 6-8 weeks by visiting the doctor.
    • This is a revolution which gives a lot of confidence and personality boost to anyone requiring this treatment
  • Self-Ligation with Stainless Steel – Cost ₹70,000
  • Self-Ligation with Tooth Coloured Ceramic – Cost ₹80,000