Dentist for Teeth Whitening in JP Nagar

Teeth whitening

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JP Nagar is situated in south Bangalore. Number of school’s colleges and Hospitals are located in this area. Highgate dental center is the state-of-the-art dental practice which is located within 3kms radius from JP Nagar. Highgate dental center provide all kinds of dental services. Teeth whitening is done routinely here and has a good success rate. It is a safe and requires only 45min for the entire procedure. The peroxide agent reacts with the stain producing agents and oxidises them, hence giving a brighter and whiter tooth. Teeth whitening is done in single sitting and the cost starts from Rs 5999/- depending on the amount of stains present on the tooth surface.

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Call on 080 4151 2833

Have Questions? Call on 080 4151 2833

Dr. Shilpy Choudhary

Sr. Dental Consultant

Dr. Priyanka Mehta

MDS - Endodontist
RCT Specialist

Dr. Sherin Ansari

Sr. Dental Consultant
Practice Head

Dr. Pruthwin Gowda

MDS - Orthodontist
Aligner Specialist

Dr. Sreekanth Sappidi

MDS - Oral & Maxillo Facial Surgeon
Implant Specialist

Dr. K Naveen

MDS - Prosthodontist